Meet our Staff

Gary Doele

Hi, my name is Gary Doele and I'm the sales and marketing director for Jackhammer Radish. My wife Pat has a successful real estate company called Accel Realty, and we have 3 children, Lisa also in real estate, Brian is a Lt. Col. in the USAF and Brad is in management with Lowe's in California. We also have 10 super grandchildren. I have an Agricultural background also. In 1963 my parent's bought our farm from my Grandfather who's father had homestead in the 1800's. Our land is located just a few miles from our corporate office in Karnak, North Dakota. My wife and I have been involved in several ventures including Sales, Motel ownership, rental properties and different hospitality business's. I currently serve on our church finance committee and advisory board along with our local Lion's club. I have been the President along with several other positions. We have served on many mission trips with the club to help those in need.

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